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rafa martin
 Tuesday, January 09 2018 @ 12:12 PM CET (Leído 1333 veces)  


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Hola he recibido este e-mail acerca de palmadores. ¿esto de que va?

How to do Palmadores.Net better than your competitors
Hi Palmadores.Net

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We provide all the major factors of promotion under single umbrella and our packages are designed for a complete digital marketing experience which includes SMO, Brand management, Reputation management, organic optimization etc., in order to beat your competitors.

We do not bind our clients to any sort of contract. Given a chance, we can mutually work on your website and with adequate experience our Team can provide you the best possible result.
There are many innovative methods and together we can make it possible by showing you the right path and implementing various strategies. If you need any further information/assistance, kindly contact us through email/call.

Given consent, I will provide you with detailed briefing on the audit report and onward strategy using my corporate e-mail ID.
Jacob Jones

Jonah Eddie
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 Thursday, January 18 2018 @ 05:45 PM CET  


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parece spam, últimamente se nos están colando algunos bots.

Perdón por las molestias, voy a ver intentar poérselo maś difícil.
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