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Nueva versión estable ChamSys MagicQ

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ChamSys ha cambiado el estado de esta versión a estable para todas las plataformas. Se recomienda la actualización a todos los usuarios.

Como siempre, la nueva versión se puede obtener desde la página de descargas:

Nuevas funciones desde la última estable

Added reporting of memory usage on MagicQ consoles – see Setup, View System, View Status, System, Memory Usage..
Added support for one shot FX. Two new library waveform FX have been added – PulseOne and RampOne. Custom waveform FX can be created and set as one shot in the FX parameters.
Modified the size on screen of the simulated Magic Wand.
Added support for changes to Setup options in the Execute Window – press ASSIGN SPECIAL and select Setup Option.
Added support in Setup, View System, View Status for a counter of the number of times the remote input has been switched since the system was started.
Improved performance of patching and scrolling of windows on MagicQ MQ60.
Added external USB touch screen support for MQ60s.
Visualiser: Improved the mouse navigation. Added support for Zoom. On Windows hold CTRL, hold the right mouse button and move the mouse up or down. On Mac hold SHIFT and use the scroll wheel.
Net Manager: Support in Net Manager for latest SnakeSys B4 with inbuilt FLASH memory (units with last 4 digits of serial number greater than 0268).
Full support in Net Manager for SnakeSys T2 and SnakeSys R8.
Magic Wand: Added support for a simulated Magic Wand – start MagicQ with the command line argument “wand”. MagicQ will run just a simulation of the Magic Wand controlling the first 4
playbacks from the first Wing. If you wish to restrict the Wand simulation to only connect to a specific IP address then include the required IP address as the second command line argument of the IP address.
Added sensitivity option for when using pan/tilt controlled by mouse/track ball.

...y varias correciones de bugs.

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