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Nueva versión estable ChamSys MagicQ

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ChamSys ha cambiado el estado de esta versión de beta a estable para todas las plataformas expecto MacOs, que sigue siendo estable la versión ChamSys recomienda la actualización a esta versión a todos los usuarios.

Nuevas funciones en esta versión:

Updated MagicQ Media Centre to support 64 Universes. Added support for converting larger movies to cmv files – up to 100,000 pixels - previously there was a maximum of 10,000 pixels.
Added pan and tilt invert to the personality files so that it is now possible for MagicVis to model the real fixture pan and tilt direction.
Added movement damping to MagicVis to simulate movement times of real fixtures.
Modified Generic Camera personality for MagicVis to use 16bit values.
The Windows, Linux and Mac versions of MagicQ now use the new improved graphical toolkit and include the visualiser. The older “MagicQ” app has now been replaced with “MagicQ inc Vis” .
Support for checking whether PC Wing Compact firmware is upgradeable.
Support for new rear panel processor card on MagicQ MQ100, MQ200, MQ300 consoles.
Added PB2 and PB9 to options for manual cross fader.
Support for external multi windows on Pro 2010 consoles enabling a total of up to 4 external monitors – 2 direct from console, 2 on external PCs.
Improved firmware upgrade procedure.

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