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 moving machinary over rough surfaces?
 Thursday, November 09 2017 @ 01:30 PM CET (Leído 66 veces)  
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Im about to try and move a lathe about 7716lb. I have moved a small machining center probably half this weight before on pipe but it was dropped off onto a concrete slab.

The lathe will probably have to be unloaded onto the ground due to the transport configuration.

I went through old posts and saw some impressive use of UHMW but that would cost me a fortune to sorce.

would 2" pipe roll over a compacted gravel drive way?

I have considered putting formply down and using rollers or skates on that. what are peoples views on the likely hood of that working? I'm thinking it will deform and dimple and not roll. I could use use 1/2" flat bar as slides but youtube indicates this doesn't slide without a winch and slowly at best.
any sugestions so I don't have to have every combo on hand to test?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

explainer video

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